Hi I'm Courtney :) - Socially awkward - Annoying - Small -Lesbian - Metalhead - Forever alone - Cats - Pugs - Rottweilers - Hate society - School sucks - Family and Friends<33333 - Adventure time -Bands - American Horror Story - I follow back :D

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You want me to be happy?

Put a gun to my head and pull the damn trigger.


And it’s days like these when I realize I actually have no one to talk to, no one to tell, and all I can do is listen to the others because I put myself in that position, while I really need someone. I’m sorry I push everyone away. I really am. 

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i hate crying in front of people so if i have ever cried in front of you, yes it does kinda mean you’re important but mostly it means it was a terrible accident that i will regret forever

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